Consort by Nica Berry

Loose Id

LGBT Fantasy / Mythology

ISBN: 978-1-59632-614-9

Reviewed by Cassie



Tenthus, a simple shepherd, is given an incredible gift when he catches the eye of the muse of music, Euterpius.  In return for the pleasure Tenthus has given him, Euterpius gives Tenthus the gift of music.  Unfortunately, Tenthus’ gift upsets the gods.  Euterpius tries to get Zeus to spare Tenthus, but all he will agree to do is allow Tenthus to live every seventeen years like a cicada, feeding on music and sex.  Euterpius also ensures Tenthus will have a temple dedicated to him, and priests to train a consort for each of his rebirths.

Tenthus expects his latest incarnation to be just like all the other, increasingly unhappy rebirths.  He doesn’t expect the sudden connection he feels toward his consort, Phaedrus, or the offer Euterpius makes of a way to regain his mortality.  Unfortunately, he also doesn’t know about Phaedrus’ secret agenda.  Will Tenthus and Phaedrus find the love they both crave before Phaedrus’ secret destroys them both?

Consort is a fascinating tale of the perils of consorting with the gods.  Both Tenthus and Phaedrus have paid high prices due to their past associations with gods.  The mythology of Consort was well-developed and interesting.  I could sympathize with both Tenthus, whose only mistake was reaching too high, and Phaedrus, whose unhappy background got him into a terrible situation.  Throughout the conflict and emotion-filled story, I felt for them both and really rooted for them to get together—even when they were cruel or angry toward each other.  The secondary characters added intrigue.  All the Nica Berry books I’ve read have featured unusual characters and plots, and Consort is no exception.  Readers who like mythology and heavy conflict (and don’t mind some pretty graphic violence) will be sure to like Consort.


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