Brazen by Jordan Castillo Price

Sweet Oblivion, Books 1

Changeling Press

Gay Vampire

ISBN: 978-1-59596-202-7

Reviewed by Sabella



Wild Bill and Michael are still wandering around the country side, and strangely enough Wild Bill is content.  However, Michael seems restless so when he jokingly brings up the possibility of a threesome Wild Bill isn’t entirely opposed to the idea – until Michael gives him some details on what is whirling around his mind.

Sweet Oblivion: Brazen continues the story of Wild Bill and Michael and their strangely stable love affair – even if neither of them is quite sure where it’s all going to end.  Just like in the previous series that involved Wild Bill and Michael, Brazen demonstrates Jordan Castillo Price’s talent as a storyteller as she takes both Michael and Wild Bill further into uncharted territories while still managing to bring to light their humanity and vulnerabilities which both men believe they have left behind.  Sarcasm, dark wit and self-deprecating humor serve to make Wild Bill and Michael real and easier to relate to as Jordan Castillo Price deftly uses these tools to completely pull you into the story from the very beginning and care about the outcome for the characters.  Get yourself Sweet Oblivion: Brazen when you are in the mood for a book that delves into the workings of the mind of these two unusual men with the use of dark humor, cutting wit, plenty of sarcasm and lava hot man-love with a little ménage action in between!


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