Beyond This World by Celia Jade

Eternal Press

Fantasy, Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-926640-65-5

Reviewed by Patrice



Erin meets a tall dark mysterious stranger at a party.  When he lures her away from the party with the promise of passion, it doesn’t take long for her to guess that when it comes to Jens nothing is as it seems.  After a passionate kiss, she discovers that she’s been swept away to his world.

Beyond This World moved me with its lyrical charm.  Celia Jade’s writing style carries the narrative along with poetic finesse.  Erin and Jens drift away within the dreamy eroticism she’s created; their passionate interlude is the bridge between reality and fantasy in more ways than one.  The descriptions are clean but lushly detailed, the language sensual but mild without the influence of stronger more vulgar words.  It’s not needed here, I wouldn’t change anything.  Everything about the delivery and execution flowed and expanded from page to page.  The dialogue is intelligent and solid, and the romance perfumes the air like a blooming rose or a glass of good Merlot.  Through and through, there’s an inescapable ambience that draws you in and languidly washes over you as Jens serenades lucid Erin with possibilities she’s never imagined.   Ms Jade is an author that undoubtedly defines love in her work every step of the way.


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