Behind The Shadows by Patricia Potter

Berkley Sensation

Sensual Suspense

ISBN 978-0-425-22490-8

Reviewed by Nannette



More than anything Kira Douglas wants to help her mother Katy. Katy needs a kidney transplant soon or sheíll die. Test results reveal that not only is Kira not a match for the transplant, but sheís not her motherís biological daughter either. Kira needs to find out who is before itís too late. Max Payton is the Westfield familyís attorney. Heís duty and honor bound to protect them and he wonít let his intense attraction to Kira stand in his way. Unfortunately, time is running out for Katy and someone wants to keep Kiraís mouth shut permanently. 

Behind The Shadows is a suspenseful story laced with tons of emotion. As the danger grows, so does the attraction between Max and Kira.  I really like Max and Kira together. Their instant connection feels right. Theirs isnít the only tumultuous relationship in Behind The Shadows,.  Many are affected by Kiraís crisis. The drama never lets up in Behind The Shadows.  Itís a story with feeling, and suspense.


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