Bakerís Dozen: Bites of Magic by Dallas Coleman

Torquere Press

Contemporary Magic (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-588-2, 1-60370-588-0

Reviewed by Sabella



Bryan has been making sweets for a long, long time taking satisfaction in adding bits of magic to his sweets to bring together others as he nurses his broken, lonely heart.  And in between making bits of this and that, infused with the right kind of magic and right touch of zest he deals with James, his insolent apprentice, who sometimes seems interested Ė but who would be interested in his old self?

Bakerís Dozen: Bites of Magic is a book full of lovely, romantic and passionate vignettes that are interwoven through snapshots of the relationship between Bryan and James.  Dallas Coleman imbues all the encounters from the sweet to the raunchy, and however brief, with enough passion and emotion that they will touch your romantic heart and turn up the heat from time to time Ė it is all about the potential for love and the courage to make it real.  Still, I found it hard to connect with Bryan and James, the connecting thread throughout the book, as their appearances were brief and most often served as a prelude to the couple to be featured in the next love story.  However, this format makes for a perfect book to be read over a long period of time, when you read in snatches as you have time as you wonít lose the thread of the action or emotions.  Bakerís Dozen: Bites of Magic evokes all the fun and angsty moments that we all experience throughout life and the joys and sorrows of finding or keeping love.  Get yourself Bakerís Dozen: Bites of Magic for a good dose of romance!


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