Back for More by Cheryl Dragon

Loose Id

Gay Contemporary/Paranormal (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-59632-860-0

Reviewed by Sabella



Steve has had a tumultuous life and it all started with his unrequited crush on his best friend Alex.  To pretend that it was OK that his best-friend wasn’t interested in him, Steve went after every gay boy to be found, which eventually developed into a full blown sex addiction.  Today, Steve has gone through rehab for his addiction, but he has never really gotten to the bottom of why he became a sex addict at all.  When he finds that his old friend Alex is back in town and specializes in past-life regressions, Steve figures this might be a route towards  finding the truth to his addiction and get Alex in the bargain…but what will happen when Steve experiences his traumatic past lives with Alex.

Alex has always been in love with Steve, but coming from a psychic family he knew early on about his cosmic connection to Steve.  When Steve shows up on his doorstep Alex knows its time to share their connection and find the root of Steve’s sexual addiction.  But will their present relationship survive the traumatic events of their past lives together?

Back for More is a funky and hot tale about two souls who meet again and again until they get it right.  Steve, while not entirely a sympathetic character, will grow on you, as he is experienced through Alex’s eyes.  Alex, meanwhile, is a well-balanced man that will not let the prize slip from his hands this time around.  Both these men are so hot together that they set the pages ablaze every time they came together, even as the emotional component is a little sudden, even as it spreads over several lifetimes.  Back for More is an emotional tale that does justice to its title as these men come back to each other every lifetime around.


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