A View to a Kiss by Caroline Linden



ISBN: 9780061706356

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Lady Mariah Dumore is having a belated Season, after having toured the world with her diplomat father.  Unfortunately, she is finding the men a little boring.  Only one mad has interested her, and she never even saw his face.  But when he appears at her bedroom window, instead of being afraid, she is intrigued.  All she knows about him is his name and how he makes her feel.

Harry is a spy, used to sliding in and out of character.  He knows his attraction to Mariah is beyond unacceptable, but he canít stop himself from seeing her.  If she knew who he was, not only would his job in jeopardy, but so would even the brief visits he has with her.  He is so far below her on the social scale he knows she would never be his.  But that doesnít stop either of them from wanting more.

A View to a Kiss was a very fun book, with twists and turns in both the romance and the intrigue.  The pacing was a little random, but it didnít stop the book from being a quick read.  I had a hard time reconciling the spy and the lover in Harry, but it was entertaining to watch as he comes into his own and Mariah deals with her own struggles to accept him as he is.  Definitely an unusual book that keeps the interest after the last page is done.


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