A Touch of Spice by Erin O’Niall

Freya’s Bower

Contemporary, M/M

Reviewed by Raine



Life and sex has become routine and boring in Eric and Scott’s life. Their usual bed and breakfast is on their calendar and Steve wants to change it up for something new, something different…something that might put a spark back into their lives. He’s met with resistance though when he approaches Eric about it. Behind Eric’s back, Steve cancels the inn and makes new plans. He can only hope Eric will forgive him.

A Touch of Spice is something I think we can all relate to if you have ever been in a long-term relationship—boredom, when you forget to keep it new and alive. While Eric goes behind Steve’s back he takes into consideration Steve’s needs in their trip too and in the end, both come out with their needs met. Great story.


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