Asmodeus by Dawn McClure

Fallen Angels

Samhain Publishing

Erotic Paranormal

ISBN 978-1-60504-357-9

Reviewed by Nannette



While trying to strengthen her witch powers, Brianna accidently brings Asmodeus back from the Abyss – the place in heaven where the worst of the fallen angels are sentenced. As if coming face to face with a tall hunky demon is not enough, Brianna is also faced with a decision: kill Asmodeus or be sent to the Abyss herself. She wants to live, but how can she kill him?  Trying to gain his trust, Brianna gets to know Asmodeus. She discovers he is more man than demon. How can she kill the man she’s grown to love?

Fallen angels are very hunky in Asmodeus. Brianna is a pretty average girl with some psychic talents and Asmodeus is sinfully sexy.  Their relationship seems impossible, but against all odds, love conquers all.  Demons and vampires, some good, some bad, make each page of Asmodeus exciting. Its intriguing storyline is a great addition to the Fallen Angels series. 


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