An Inconvenient Hankering by Sienna Bishop

Dreamspinner Press

Contemporary, M/M

ISBN: 978-1-935192-77-0

Reviewed by Raine



Sam befriended Hank on his first day at Warren High School. From that day forward, they did almost everything together as best friends. They went off to college together and even brought home pick-ups to their place together. Something changed along the way and Sam was no longer interested in a pick-up, he was interested in Hank. He started pulling away from Hank in hopes of keeping his growing attraction disguised. In a turnabout of events, a job transfer brings Sam home and back into a battle to try to control his emotions around Hank, which is hard to do while living with him.

An Inconvenient Hankering is a roller coaster of emotions including sadness, wanting and yearning followed up with amazing heat.  An Inconvenient Hankering takes a while to build its foundation but Sienna Bishop pens an amazing finale. Certainly a story I would recommend to any M/M fan.


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