Angelic Redemption by Stephani Hecht

Archangel Series, Book 6

eXtasy Books

Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 978-1-55478-221-3

Reviewed by Shayna



Itís all out war amongst the angels as Heavenís civil war spreads.  For Cam, leader of the empaths, the justice angelsí attacks on the angel warriors is particularly hard, as itís his family and loved ones they are targeting the most.  As new alliances are formed on both sides with demons, faeries, elves, and the dreaded Powers, the future looks bleak.  The one bright spot in Camís life is his love for his mate, Amadeaha.  But will that small light be enough to keep hope alive when the enemy threatens to destroy those he holds most dear?

If you think you can guess what happens next, you donít know Stephani Hecht.  Angelic Redemption is packed with twists, turns, action, adventure, and, at its heart, love.  In this tale, Ms. Hecht continues to expand her Archangel Series universe while still remaining centered by Cam, Amadeaha, and their loved ones.  What charms me about Angelic Redemption and about the whole series in general is that I feel with each book Iím very much a part of the characters lives.  I love watching each character grow within each particular book.

I fear itís almost impossible to write about Angelic Redemption without giving away plot spoilers.  What I can say is that it was a joy to not only see Cam and Amadeahaís love for one another continue to deepen, but to get to revisit all of my favorite characters from the series.  Camís family, along with Abdiel and Gabiís (of Angel Warriors and Captive Angels) families are very much central to the plot.  With such love comes such heartbreak when the war takes its toll on the angel warriors.  Ms. Hecht had me on the edge of my seat to the very end and left me waiting with baited breath for the next Archangel tale.  Though Ms. Hecht provides enough information for new readers to be able to follow Angelic Redemption, to truly get the full impact of the series I would start with the first book, Angel Warriors, or at least Cam and Amadeahaís first book, Angelís Blood.

A captivatingly good read, Angelic Redemption is not to be missed!


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