Always by Lauren Dane

Samhain Publishing

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 9781605044927

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Caitlin Moore is out celebrating her success in law school.  Not really having a social life to think of, she is having fun for the first time in a long time.  When she is on the dance floor she turns around and runs into a face that she left behind years ago – Eamon Blake, an Irish devil she had a three month fling with while in Ireland for the summer.  Their sexual chemistry remains just as strong and Caitlin is happy to bring Eamon home with her for a bit of naughtiness.  Surprised at the feelings Eamon makes her feel, Caitlin is unsure of taking their relationship further.  Neither Eamon nor Caitlin count on falling in love with each other.  When that happens, they have no earthly idea how to make their relationship work.

A deer in the headlights.  That is what both Caitlin and Eamon looked like when they finally realized and accepted the fact that they loved each other, and only each other.  No one else would do.  Even knowing that they loved the other, their insecurities involving love often interfered and old hurts would resurface and even some new ones.  Eamon and Caitlin’s love scenes were erotic and extremely adventurous – because they loved each other, even if they didn’t know it.

Always by Lauren Dane is the type of book I expect from this talented and prolific author.  The sex was smoldering hot, the plot was realistic and intriguing, and the characters were perfect for each other. Always was the perfect read for me. 


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