Aidenís Charity by Lora Leigh

Wolf Breeds, Book 3

Elloraís Cave

Erotic Paranormal

ISBN 1-84360-626-7

Reviewed by Nannette



Aiden should be overjoyed when the one woman he wants gets on her knees before him. Instead, he wants to kill her. Aiden is a Wolf Breed. He has spent his entire life being experimented on in a lab. Aiden has done his best to defy the scientists, especially when they wanted him to breed until Charity. She is his only weakness. Charity is trying to save Aidenís life, but it may cost her own in the end.  Aidenís desire for vengeance overrides his desire for Charity until he sees her again. What started in the lab has become something so intense, no one understands it.  Is Charity really Aidenís or have the scientists created whatís between them?

Aside from having one of the most fitting titles ever, Aidenís Charity is exciting and incredibly erotic. When Breeds mix with humans, instinct overrides emotion, creating a very explosive story.  Aiden is intense and when he pours that intensity into his desire to mate with Charity, it becomes overwhelming. While it is very erotic, there is so much more to Aidenís Charity than hot sex. Itís a very well written and intriguing story that had me hanging on every word and left me eager for more.  Aidenís Charity is a great addition to The Wolf Breeds series.


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