Addicted to Love by Lori Wilde

Wedding Veil Wishes, Book 3

Warner Forever


ISBN: 0446502049, 978-0446502047

Reviewed by Cassie



After being left at the altar for the second time and finding out bad news about her parents’ marriage, Rachael Henderson is ready to give up on love.  She returns to her hometown of Valentine, Texas, and vandalizes a sign.  That gets her arrested by sexy sheriff Brody Carlton, but she’s undaunted.  Rather than giving up, she starts up Romanceaholics Anonymous to help other people who are addicted to love stop making the wrong choices.  If she can just shrug off her attraction to the sexy sheriff, Rachael is sure her life will be perfect.

Brody Carlton is fairly content with his life until Rachael shows up and starts stirring up the whole town.  Now the romantics and the cynics are squaring off, and Brody’s fighting his unwanted desire for the pretty troublemaker.  Will Rachael’s return lead to love for Brody and Rachael, or just more problems?

Addicted to Love is a sweet, fun story about a die-hard romantic who’s been hurt once too often and a cynic who doesn’t believe in love.  Watching Rachael grow from a romance addict to an independent woman who understands the true meaning of love was really entertaining.  Brody is just wonderful.  A divorced veteran injured in Iraq, he has many reasons to be bitter, yet he isn’t.  He’s the perfect hero for Rachael—low on flash but full of substance.  There’s a huge cast of entertaining and amusing secondary characters, and several subplots.  There’s the disintegrating marriage of Rachael’s parents, an attraction between two political rivals, and a mystery involving vandalism in the town.  The plot was action-packed but rarely too busy.  Lori Wilde did a good job of juggling all her plotlines and not taking away from Rachael and Brody’s romance.  Addicted to Love is a story with a great message, that real love should be cherished.  Fans of “awwww” inducing romances, small towns, and comedy will be sure to enjoy Addicted to Love

***Note:  Addicted to Love is part of a series, although it stands alone quite well. 


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