Accidental Slave by Claire Thompson



ISBN:  978-1439227428

Reviewed by Jambrea




Elizabeth is a work-a-holic in a high powered job. An employee is jealous believing her job should be his. His idea of revenge could cost Elizabeth her job.

Cole is a Dom trying to find the perfect sub to complete his life. At an auction he bids for a woman who catches his eye, wondering if she could be the one.

Cole realizes Elizabeth didnít put herself up for sale, but he sees potential is the woman. Elizabeth wakes up in a strange home only to find out her life has been turned upside down.  Can the two find true love through the lies?

No safe word necessary for Accidental Slave, youíll be begging for more. 

Accidental Slave is a story of finding oneself for the first time. Claire Thompson puts together a complex tale of intrigue and love with a little BDSM threw in for good measure.  Okay, it is more then a little BDSM. Cole is a strong Dom and he hopes Elizabeth could be his sub for more then just play. Elizabeth knows nothing about the BDSM world until an employee thrust her into the scene. 

I love what Ms. Thompson did with Accidental Slave I just wish she would have threaded the secondary story of the revenge throughout to the end of the story. I guess Iím blood thirsty and wanted more. The focus on Elizabethís learning her way though a world she isnít sure she belongs in is wonderful and seeing it through not only her eyes, but Coleís as well gave me the feel of a well rounded story. Ms. Thompson took me on a journey and I didnít want it to end. Watching Elizabeth blossom under Coleís care was a sight to behold and I canít wait for more from Ms. Thompson because she always delivers. 


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