Absolutely You by Stephanie Vaughan

Torquere Press

Contemporary (M/M)

Reviewed by Sabella



Aaron and Danny, and this time, Aaron might just have put up with enough of Danny’s “one foot out the door” attitude and having to tiptoe around the possibility that they might actually be in a relationship.  However, Danny might just wake up in time to get Aaron back, but will Aaron let himself be caught again?

Absolutely You is a great story that brings back the guys from Strictly Halloween and Definitely Christmas in this fantastic story that shows how much Aaron has grown beyond the young man that’s infatuated beyond thinking of protecting himself.  Danny realizes that he has some growing up to do, especially if he wants to keep Aaron in his life – which he discovers feels empty without Aaron in it.  In true Stephanie Vaughan fashion Absolutely You is packed with tons of emotion and some lava hot sex, which blend to create characters that will leave you wanting for more.  Absolutely You is a must read for fans of Aaron and Danny and a must have for readers who like characters with a little depth packed with plenty of romance!


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