Yule Wolf by Kate Hill

Christmas Cookie

Changeling Press LLC

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59596-784-8

Reviewed by Lisa



Exploring the icy North with a group of students, Professor Roth Lawrence becomes lost in the snow.  Fenris is the last of his kind, a wolf man who shuns and abhors the humans.

One is dying and alone even when surrounded by others of his kind while the other is slowly dying of loneliness.  Fate has brought these two men together but they must take that first step toward a new life or perish where they stand.

Enticing and entertaining, Christmas Cookie: Yule Wolf gives succulent pleasure without any calories.  Author Kate Hill presents another sensuous story of lust, love and taking chances.  I thoroughly enjoyed this Christmas Cookie and wouldn’t mind a bite of this Yule Wolf myself!


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