Wolf Bound by Sierra Dafoe

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-59596-748-0

Reviewed by Tanya



Jenna starts this vacation out on cloud nine.  She has been a struggling romance writer but for her fourth book, she has gotten a huge bonus.  She shares her news with her lover while on a ski vacation in Banff.  Klaus is intimidated with her success and actually takes her up to a more advanced slope than she is used to and then abandons her.  She decides she can hike down; unfortunately a huge snow storm comes up.

She wakes to find herself in a cave with a wolf.  She is stunned when the wolf changes shapes before her eyes into a breathtaking man.  This stunning man doesnít seem to know English but they work together to be understood.  Now suddenly Jenna doesnít want to be saved.  Unfortunately she knows she canít live in his world forever, but can she live without Wolf?

Wolf Bound is set in one of my favorite places on Earth, the Canadian Rockies.   I have a soft spot for this area and the author does a fine job of describing the area of Banff in the skiing season as well as Canmore.  Wolf Bound is an interesting twist to the normal wolf shape shifter story.  Wolf has only ever lived in the wild and not among humans in his human form.  I was very intrigued and found myself wanting to see how it turned out.  I like the fact Jenna finally figured out that Klaus wasn't the man for her and was willing to make changes in her life no matter the consequences.  I found Wolf Bound to be thoroughly enjoyable.



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