Wish on the Moon by Barri Bryan

Linden Bay Romance


ISBN: 1-905393-36-9

Reviewed by Jo



Isabel Delaney is a modern woman of her times, 1907, and wants to have it all.  But at this time, women can only go so far.  When her ailing brother makes an arrangement for Isabel to marry his handsome best friend, Isabel is not happy about it. She decides to make the best of the matter, however, and negotiate her own terms.  Myles Donovan is at first surprised and then intrigued by the offer of Isabel and her own counteroffer.  He agrees for several reasons and decides to give Isabel time to become used to him before truly becoming husband and wife. 

Isabel is just beginning to handle her new life and all it entails when she and Myles are doubly thrust into the spotlight by his race for the governorship of Texas and a sex scandal that seems destined to break them apart just as they are growing closer together.  Isabel has to decide if she believes in Myles and his goals, or in the many people trying their hardest to bring the couple down.

Wish on the Moon is based in Texas during the turn of the 20th century when many things were just beginning to happen politically.  Myles has already been approached and is considering stepping into the political landscape before Isabel comes into his life.  Isabel tries to juggle her wishes and dreams while still being a strong woman of the 1900ís.  While I followed the plot about how women had to stay pretty much in the background and any scandal could destroy them, I found that Isabel seemed weak and wishy washy in how she related to the men in her life and how they made the decisions for her.  There were also many times when Myles reminded me much more of a man in the later 20th century than the earlier part.  However, I was surprised and happy that by the end of the story, both Myles and Isabel had discovered just what really mattered and overcame hurdles that had been forced upon them by others and bad choices.


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