Wild Ride by Willa Okati

Changeling Press

Paranormal Vampires M/M

ISBN: 978-1-59596-610-0

Reviewed by Beth Anne



Nikos is in line to be the next Secret Keeper of his Clan, the only clan members who could find Nightlings by reading their dreams and thoughts.  Nightlings drink blood and steal Clan people from their beds.  Nikos is also mated to Rand, a cruel and selfish man, Chief of the Hunters and pretty much head of the clan as well.   During a hunt with Rand, Nikos meets Alexei, the Nightling they’ve been tracking and Nikos begins the ride of his life.

Willa Okati has created a futuristic time-traveling species in the Nightlings, who also require their intended mates to survive.   Nikos has always known he was different and has kept hidden and buried deep his own nature and basic desires.  Alexei finds him in the future and sets out to prove to Nikos he’s more like Alexei than Nikos ever dreamed.

In Wild Ride, I liked the tension, anticipation, and sexual gratification between Alexei and Nikos.  There were some things that were never really explained, like how Nikos was stolen in the first place and taken to the future or how Alexei found him.  Nikos’ first ride on the motorcycle was exciting and made me remember the first time I was ever on the back of a bike, and said “Wow”, yeah, it was like that!!!  Nightlings like to give and take pain especially during love play, and it was fun to watch Nikos learn about his true-self.



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