Where Danger Hides by Desiree Holt

Elloraís Cave

Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 9781419910630

Reviewed by Tanya



Taylor Scott has just been delivered a blow of epic proportions.  She has found out that the person she has always thought herself to be is built on a partial lie.  Her father is not dead and her grandparents have lied to her for years.  When she goes to see her father, a man with a financial empire, she is tossed out of his building, literally.  Can this day get any worse?  So she decides to go out and get drunk.  She does such a good job of it that she doesnít really notice that Noah Cantrell seems to be taking care of her and not just hitting on her.  But that doesnít stop her from having a one-night stand with him; she canít even remember his name.

Taylor goes back to her home and way of life but decides to make a few changes.  She is stunned to find that Noah, the man who has been repeatedly calling her for business, is none other than the mysterious hunk.  But he has come to tell her that her father has been killed and she may be targeted next.  Suddenly Noah becomes the only person she can trust.  He also becomes her teacher in the pleasures of erotic lovemaking.  As they try and search out the truth, and eliminate the killer who is after Taylor, can Taylor also eliminate the barrier Noah seems to have built around his heart?

Steam up glasses, windows, and neighborhood windows is what I have to say about the sex scenes in this romantic suspense.  Where Danger Hides is one steamy book.  I think the author did a fantastic job of weaving a plot in amongst these hot scenes.  Though I think Noah should have revealed all a little earlier to Taylor it did lead to some of the suspense in the story.  Overall Where Danger Hides is a well-written, hot story and I will look for more by this author.


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