Wanton Surrender by Ruth D. Kerce

Wanton, Book 2

Ellora’s Cave

Historical Western

ISBN: 9781419913594

Reviewed by Indy



Beth would have never guessed that her teenage sweetheart would be the first man to ever rip her heart out. Leaving without so much as a good-bye Cal destroyed her innocent view of love and shattered the family unit he left behind.

Four years later, Beth has moved on and is now engaged to the family’s foreman. Despite her sister’s concerns and that of her best friend, she’s finally going to move forward with her dreams of a family. She never envisions that Cal would return hoping to rekindle the love he’d squandered. Neither did her fiancé, a man who’s unwilling to chance Beth falling in love again with her ex. There is a lot of pain and distrust separating Beth and Cal, but they will have to put it all behind them because evil is at work and no one in their family is safe from harm.

In a past where good and evil had more definite lines and where men lived off the land, there were families like the Sinclairs. Families who would die for each other and even in the face of trouble lend a helping hand to their fellow neighbor. I think this is part of the fascination I seem to have with historical westerns. Wanton Surrender just added itself to my book of lovable historicals. From the spunky heroine to the despicable villain, this book had everything I look for in a great western. The heroine Beth made me want to slap her at times because of her stubbornness, but what fun would this story be if she was some mild weak kitten who only knew how to follow the rules. Ruth D. Kerce’s supporting characters also played an important role in turning Wanton Surrender into one book I’m sure I will read again and again. Not only for the action filled story with intrigue and excitement on every page, but because I’m a just a sucker for a romance that has a few mountains to climb before it comes together. What fun would love be if you didn’t have to fight for it once in awhile? 


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