Urban Myth by Fiona Jayde

Changeling Press

Paranormal, Action/Adventure

ISBN: 978-1-59596-756-5

Reviewed by Tanya



Taina Bates is training to become a Hunter, something she never believed existed until a few years ago.  But things have been a bit different since her former partner and husband walked out on both her and the job.  Now look at who is one of her trainers.  But no matter what her heart says, she is here to do a job.  The drive to fight the vampires is strong within her, and her desire to keep others from falling to the same fate as her fiend Angel is stronger than she might be able to handle.

Rayan “Deadshot” Slade never told Taina why he left her.  Now full vampire and half sympath, he is the trainer for the Alliance of Human Protection Services as well as a certified vampire assassin.  He is stunned to recognize Tainia on his team to be trained; more than that, he is stunned by his continued feelings for her and physical reaction.

Will these two be able to band together and each use their own strengths to fight the battle together or will they continue to ignore their attraction?  If they mend fences, they just might make another unstoppable team.  But when Tania finds out Rayan is the thing she hates most in the world, will she be able to forgive him again?

Urban Myth is a fast-paced, sexually charged story dealing with love that survives through the years, even when people are separated.  I enjoyed this story; though I did feel how some of the past interactions and how the world and the paranormal creatures function in it were a bit clunky.  The author does a great job to set the scene for how the two main characters were separated in the past and how each has come to the point in their lives where their paths cross again.  Don’t forget the super charged sexual scenes, which add spice to this story.  If you are a fan of vampire books as well as those who protect humans you will find Urban Myth an intriguing story. 


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