Two Spirits By Jory Strong

Ellora's Cave

M/M Shape-shifter / Paranormal

ISBN: 9781419914836

Reviewed by Ley


Becoming a witness against his now ex-girlfriend's family and having to be taken into protective custody, was the push Trey needed to finally admit life is too short to live a lie, to stop denying his sexuality and admit he was gay.  When Trey mets Tenino, the sheriff deputy assigned to protect him, he knew there was no way he could suppress the attraction and arousal he felt for the other man.

Tenino has been waiting patiently to find his mate.  He felt a strong attraction to Trey the moment he laid eyes on him, and he knew the feelings were mutual.  Even with such a strong mutual attraction and need for each other Tenino needed a sign from the elders  to confirm Trey was the mate he was waiting for before he could surrender his heart and spirit.

Two Spirits continues the story that began with Spirit Flight and Spirits Shared.   I really felt for Trey, he has a lot to deal with.  He's always been afraid of losing his teaching job so he denied his sexuality for fear he would be viewed as unsafe to be around children.  The irony in that is his girlfriend's family are child pornographers.  Now the poor guy has to worry about his angry ex- girlfriend coming after him for revenge after he helped the feds collect evidence against her family.  His willpower to continue to not act on his sexual attraction to men is put to the test when he meets Tenino, and on top of that he keeps hearing drumbeats whenever he is near Tenino.   Tenino had his own fears.  He knew he wanted Trey but he needed validation that Trey was his true mate and the person he can show his true spirit too.  He feared the elder spirits did not see Trey as his mate and he may lose Trey too soon after finding him.  This was a sweet, magical story with two very compassionate men who tugged on your heartstrings right from the beginning.


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