Two for the Money by Leigh Wyndfield

Loose Id

Contemporary Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-59632-591-3

Reviewed by Tanya



Melissa, Roger and Dean have always been the loner type, with few close friends.  But the three of them have been hanging out together since they first hit it off at work.  One possible crack in the friendship comes from Roger and Dean both wanting Melissa sexually, and she returns the desire.  The problem is that she doesn’t know how she will ever choose between the two.  Then she begins to wonder, why can’t they all share for one night?

Will the guys take her up on her proposal?  Can she handle making it? She is convinced they will think her a slut and run if she opens her mouth.  Also what will happen in the morning? Will they all still be friends, and then how will she choose?

Two for the Money is an interesting story that delves into the lives of three people who start out friends then tentatively take on a ménage experience.  You are privy to their reactions to not only each other but the interactions as a whole, as well as their doubts.  This is not a HEA story but a HFN with potential for the future, as all three friends don’t want to lose their friendship along the way.  I think the author did a great job in keeping the situation plausible as well as “hot”.  If you like your love scenes to come with multiple partners then Two for the Money will be a book you will want to pick up.


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