Trading Favors by Sydney Somers

New Concepts Publishing

Erotic Paranormal

Reviewed by Indy



Running from your fate only makes the trip that much longer.

After leaving Joel Maddox when she felt their relationship had no future, Genevieve Orion finds herself right back at his home, eight months later, in need of a favor.  Facing an ex-lover is bad enough, but facing the man you love, who with one glance can cause your body to go into overdrive, is pure torture.  Knowing he was at fault for the woman he loved walking out of his life, strengthens Joel’s resolve to get her back.  So playing the game of “give a little, get a lot back” is just what the wolf ordered.

Just what I needed with my Sunday morning breakfast, a little fun, fur and sex!  Trading Favors is a delicious contemporary tale about a shifter and his less than submissive mate.  Genevieve is a strong woman and a police officer that will only accept it all when it comes from the man she loves.  No hiding, no coddling outside of bed and always sharing everything.  I love how Sydney Somers was able to emphasize with the strengths of both Joel and Genevieve yet show their vulnerabilities in a way that didn’t make them weak but added to who they were as individuals and as a couple.  Trading Favors was able to pack a few lessons about relationships in a morsel just the right size to enjoy with my morning Starbucks.


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