Toybox: Rings by Mychael Black, Syd McGinley and Kiernan Kelly

Torquere Press

Erotic M/M Anthology

Reviewed by Nannette



“A Pirate’s Pride” by Mychael Black

Silas Christianson and Ian Bowers are lovers. Ian is much older than Silas, a fact that doesn’t bother Silas at all, but when Ian feels he has failed to satisfy Ian in bed, it begins to bother him, a lot.  Silas comes up with a solution that has them both begging for more.

Ian’s desire to please Silas and Silas’ devotion and sincerity to reassure him are really endearing in “A Pirate’s Pride”. This is a very touching and erotic story. Ian needn’t worry; he’s got sex appeal in spades!


“A Short Leash” by Syd McGinley

John is a Dominant male. He hasn’t been able or willing to fill the void left in his life after his “boy” Rob died.  While training a few “boys” one weekend, he discovers that he’s ready to move on, but he wants what he can’t have.

“A Short Leash” is an amazing story. It’s very well written. I was completely absorbed in it. The interaction and play between John and the “boys” is fascinating and erotic. The ending left me sad though. Please, please, please, Syd McGinley, write a happily ever after for John!  It would make a fantastic sequel!


“The Ming Ring” by Kiernan Kelly

Mark is a love‘em and leave’em kind of guy, until he meets Lan and then he loses control. Whether he likes it or not, Lan is going to teach him a thing or two.

“The Ming Ring” is a good story. It’s fantastical and entertaining. The actual ring used on Mark is beautiful and erotic.  This is a lessons-learned story that has Mark re-thinking how he treats his lovers from now on. I enjoyed it.


Toybox: Rings has three very cleverly written and erotic stories in it.  One is full of romance and heat, one is heartbreaking yet hopeful and the third teaches a lesson to a man who desperately needed to be taught one. Toybox: Rings has a great combination of very hot stories.


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