Touch Me by Celia Kyle

Office of Kink and Karma

Changeling Press

Paranormal romance

ISBN: 978-1-59596-827-2

Reviewed by Erys



Eric DíAmore matches soul mates, and this time heís set his eyes on Josh and Emily.  Josh is an Extraordinary and Emily is a Normal.  Times change, but itís still not accepted for the two to mix.

When Eric tells Josh heís to make sure he fulfills Emilyís needs, he protests.  Until he sees her picture.  One look, and he knows he has to meet her.

Emily has a hard time controlling her mouth.  Especially when someone is picking on someone else because they arenít Normal, or donít fit in.  She needs a keeper, and Josh wants the job.

Touch Me is an incredibly erotic read that will have you reaching for an ice cold drink, even in the middle of a really cold night.  Sensual and intense, the interactions and chemistry between Josh and Emily are out of this world, and they both know it.  The developing relationship isnít rushed as many in books are lately, and the heroine is not so perfect you canít relate to her.  Emily is a down-to-earth woman with curves and imperfections and self confidence I envy.  And I envy her ďExtraordinaryĒ lover, too. I didnít like how mean many Normals acted toward Extraordinaries.  It reminded me of the X-Men world, but with sassy women, sex, and happily ever afters.  Celia Kyle has crafted a world that is intriguing and frustrating, but gives one hope.  I look forward to more stories from this talented author.


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