To Summon a Demon by Kim Knox

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal Fantasy with romantic elements

ISBN: 1-59998-550-0

Reviewed by Elysia



Inaeus, on his own and exhausted, is hunting the demon his friend and second-in-command released into their world two years ago.  He thought he’d defeated it once before, but it is loose again.  Only he can destroy it and save his world.  And he will prevent anything and anyone from getting in his way.  Even Conde and her assertions that she wants the same things he does.  She betrayed him once before, what would stop her from doing it again? 

I read To Summon a Demon by Kim Knox knowing it wasn’t going to be a traditional romance, so I was pleased to see the development of the relationship between Inaeus and Conde.  We spend the entirety of the story in Inaeus’ point of view, and at times it seemed confusing, but that just lent itself to the story as we learned that Inaeus himself seemed to be confused more often than not.  It all comes clear in the end, although I have to admit that Inaeus was quicker on the uptake about some things than I was—leaving me with a story that stayed on my mind long after I was done reading.


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