To Do List by Lauren Dane

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-876-3

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Belle Taylor has spent the last year working eighty hour weeks without a single day off.  It is now Christmas time and by God, she is going to visit her family for a week.  She wants that corner office in the law firm in which she works but also wants to spend time with her family.  When Rafe, her brotherís best friend and the object of her late night fantasies since high school, kisses her under the mistletoe hanging in his hallway, Belle realizes that what she used to think was important, just might not be any longer. 

Rafe Bettencourt has been in love with Belle since she graduated from law school.  Finding himself in love with his best friendís baby sister is tough enough but Rafe has to compete with the lists and goals that Belle obsessively makes for herself.  He needs to convince her that life with him would be way better than any list she could ever make.

To Do List was a new and fully anticipated experience for me. Lauren Dane is one of my favorite authors and I think this was the first totally contemporary romance that I have read written by her.  To Do List made me giggle simply because I COULD HAVE BEEN Belle.  Famous in my family for my lists, I so empathized with her need to be organized and loved how her quirkiness endeared her to Rafe. I simply loved Rafe because he loved Belle.  His patience with her, even when he was dying for her to come to grips with their relationship, was appealing to me and I just simply desired him for my very own.

Readers used to reading Lauren Daneís outstanding fantasy and shape shifter novels need to give To Do List a try.  I wholeheartedly adored it.



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