Tied and Tempting by Maggie Casper

Ellora’s Cave

Paranormal, BDSM

ISBN: 9781419913297

Reviewed by Erys



Mira has been lusting after Nash for a while.  Many times she’s fantasized about him taking her on her desktop at work.  When Mira sees an invitation to a Halloween party at a local BDSM club, she realizes this is her perfect chance to try and attract Nash’s attention.

Nash has been hoping to catch Mira’s eye, and the fact she has shown up at the party proves she’s interested.  Now to keep her interested.

Tied and Tempting is fast-paced and packed with BDSM.  Mira thinks she knows what she is getting into, but boy, is she in for a surprise when she actually arrives at the club.  This was a fun and interesting read.  A few typos pulled me from the story, but the characters were fun and obviously made for each other.  I also enjoyed how well Maggie Casper portrayed Mira in the story, the way she reacted to the new experience, and the way Nash reacted to Mira.


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