Thierry's Angel by Shara Azod



ISBN: 978-0-557-33671-5

Reviewed by Nellie



Angelique could never measure up to her motherís standards, she was not light enough, her hair was not straight enough, she did not dress nice enough and the list goes on and on. Witnessing her handpicked, by her mother, fiancť humping on his secretary was the excuse Angelique needed to kick him to the curb. After breaking off her engagement she needed to unwind and that meant indulging in her little guilty pleasure, which could potentially ruin not only her socialite status but also her family name and damage her fatherís political aspect. Angelique is unprepared when the most eligible, sought after, wealthy bachelor barges into her changing room.  

Thierry Chevalier is mad and whisks Angelique into seclusion after witnessing her little performance despite the mask.  Thierry has loved Angelique for a lifetime from afar and this was the provocation he needed to let the caveman in him take control. Thierry enjoys teaching Angelique the error of her ways and gives her a lesson in true love, intimacy and passion. Winning his greatest battle with Angelique, Thierry was more than prepared for the battle from family and community that comes with loving Angelique, but how far can the mechanisms of an elderly grandmother and a conniving mother go when they join forces to separate the blossoming romance.

In Thierry's Angel, from the first page you get hooked and become engrossed with the story, I could not stop reading until I was done. I was loathed to see the story finish, but alas, all good things must come to an end. It was a well-constructed and well-written story but had a little wrinkle for me. I was anxiously waiting for the impending confrontation between grandmother and grandson, when it never happened, I felt cheated and short changed. It was a great read for me despite that little hicc-up.


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