They Both Belong to Me by L.A. Day

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN:  9781419912795

Reviewed by Jambrea



Jill is lusting after her two lieutenants.  Being stuck on a spaceship with the two, she doesn’t act on her desires.  Instead, she orders two pleasure droids in their image.

Talon and Johann have been lusting after their commander.   They find out about her plans with the pleasure droids and decide to take their place. 

Will Jill find out about the switch?  Will she be able to forgive her lieutenants?  Can the three of them become a unit?

They Both Belong to Me is so hot, it sizzles!  L.A. Day knows how to write hot characters and steamy scenes.  One of my favorite scenes is the one where the men are preparing to become the droids.  I found myself giggling a few times.  When Talon and Johann came to terms with each other, I felt the struggle and emotion that Ms. Day poured into the story.  I love L.A. Day’s stories and I will be reading more.



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