The Wyndmaster’s Son by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

New Concepts Publishing

Historical/ Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60394-093-1

Reviewed by Tanya



Theissen is not only prince but he is the king’s champion, and a Wyndmaster.  This means he is next in line for the throne, though he is slightly younger than his stepbrother (Morgan), the bane of his existence.  The problem is that Morgan continually gets into trouble, and every time he does, it seems to bother the king more and more.  So when it is learned that he is being held for ransom, Theissen decides to take things into his own hands and rescue him.  But, little does he know, his stepbrother is actually working with Princess Lanelle so she can avoid an unwanted marriage.  Morgan was not kidnapped but in fact helps Princess Lanelle kidnap and force Theissen into marriage.  Once Theissen is free, he is determined to go back and kidnap his “wife” himself, as she has intrigued him as no other ever has.

Princess Lanelle knows what she is doing is wrong, having been kidnapped and forced to do things against her will in the past, but has convinced herself that in this case the ends justify the means.  But she never reckoned for the temper and determination of her new husband.

Theissen’s brother Morgan is more than a passive helper; he has orchestrated this whole marriage to keep Lanelle safe.  Her past is catching up with her and she is going to need a strong champion and Morgan knows Theissen is just the man for her.  Will Theissen see this also?

The Wyndmaster’s Son was an intriguing mix of action and romance in a setting similar to the medieval times on earth, but in a land that the author has expertly created.  I found that the author did a wonderful job in describing not only the character interactions but the surroundings. I felt like I was climbing the walls of the castle with Theissen.  If you like medieval or Scottish Highland romances, you should run out and get this one, then settle down in front of a nice warm fire and read (so some chocolate and a nice cozy quilt wouldn’t hurt either).  I found The Wyndmaster’s Son to be a thoroughly enjoyable tale and I look forward to more stories in this world from Ms. Coyett-Compo.


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