The Wizardís Spell by Cynthia Eden


Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 1-933417-03-X

Reviewed by Cassie



Sara Myers has an ordinary life.  She doesnít think thereís anything special about her at all, until one night a strangely dressed man appears in her bedroom.  The man claims sheís a witch and heís there to protect her.  Suddenly, Saraís life is turned upside-down. 

Torian Le Fury has been waiting for a long time to find his mate.  Now that heís found Sara, he is determined to protect her from the Dark Ones who seek to steal her power when she reaches her thirtieth birthday.  Will the stubborn Sara accept his help, and help him save her world and his?

In The Wizardís Spell, Cynthia Eden does a good job of creating a parallel world in which magic reigns and technology is shunned.  Ms. Eden also did well weaving action in with romance and back-story.  Torian is the perfect tortured hero.  His past, and the great strength it would take to overcome it, makes him easy to empathize with.  Even his bossy, overprotective moments made sense in light of his history.  Sara, on the other hand, was the flaw in this book.  While I enjoyed her stubbornness at times, at other times she drove me insane.  There were several instances in which she knew she was in danger, yet she refused to listen to Torian or let him help her.  Puh-lease, woman!  A life or death situation is no time to be arguing.  Fortunately, the interesting secondary characters and storyline soothed most of my annoyance with Sara.  Although The Wizardís Spell wasnít perfect, the book kept me entertained, and I would like to see some of the secondary characters get their own stories.


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