The Vampire's Surge by Yvette A. Lynn

The Vampire’s Surge, Book 1

Amira Press  


ISBN: 978-1-934475-13-3

Reviewed by Nellie


Gracie has always been the one beside Jack in all his misguided and misinformed choices in getting into dangerous situations. A strange meteorite hit their small community and the towns’ people started manifesting into creatures of the night. To no surprise Jack took off to become one of the undead. During the daylight and worried sick about Jack, Gracie went hunting for him armed to the teeth with any sharp object she could shove upon her person. She drags him home after seeing him being attacked by one of the creatures. It was just a matter off time before Gracie becomes one of those creatures. But finally Gracie and Jack are finally together and they are both part of the undead, but Gracie is special, she is the cure for their current ailment. In dark alleys and small gatherings Gracie’s name seemed like a repetitive mantra on the creature’s mouth. A creature, evil personified itself, keeps drawing Gracie to its source and she is powerless to it’s gravitational pull. Time runs out as all creatures come after Gracie for the cure, but their biggest battle is with the ultimate evil, the master who wants Gracie for his survival. Her budding love with Jack is sorely tested as their conditions bring with it responsibilities and alliances to other creatures to defeat the immediate threat upon their lives.

The Vampire’s Surge seemed like something out of a sci-fi movie. The happenings in the town, the atmosphere, the utter baffling conditions, the manifestations were all seen through the eyes of Gracie. The story was well planned with an intricate plot, at the end all the questions were answered. Gracie was the dominant alpha female while Jack seemed to be the bystander within the story. There were however some flip-flopping and indecisive moments when it came to Gracie. One moment she hates the manifestations of what was happening around her but the next moment she is embracing what she was becoming and loving it. The Vampire’s Surge has a good storyline and I appreciated the in-depth research of the paranormals done by the author.


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