The Ties That Bind by Jet Mykles, Laura Baumbach, Kimberly Gardner, J.L Langley and Dick D.

MLR Press

Erotic M/M Contemporary/Paranormal Anthology

ISBN 978-1-934531-45-7

Reviewed by Nannette



Key To Me by Jet Mykles

Noah has a secret admirer who has been leaving him gifts, each one more provocative than the one before. Noah gets a big surprise when his mystery man turns out to be someone he knows.

Key To Me is a very hot and romantic story. Noah is sexy and sweet and his secret admirer is even sexier. Heís a great guy.  I loved Key To Me and am eagerly begging Jet Mykles for a sequel!


Roughly Tied Together by Laura Baumabach

Bram Lord and his lover James Justin are having a romantic dinner together when things start heating up in the restaurant. Back home, things get even hotter when Bram takes charge and James eagerly lets him!

Roughly Tied Together is an excerpt from Laura Baumbachís A Bit Of Rough. I love Bram and James and this excerpt is a treat to read again.  Itís romantic and very hot.


Gift of Eros by Kimberly Gardner

Val and Dylan are students in a mythology class. Val is spending more time studying Dylan though. Dylan is sexy and mysterious and his dominance turns Val on. But Dylan has a secret, heís not who he says he is.

Dylan is very sexy and Val is too. They are perfect together.  Gift of Eros is an erotic, interesting and romantic story. I really like this storyline.


Rough Ride by Laura Baumbach

Bram and James are heating things up while playing in the snow.  And as usual when they get back home, things get even hotter!

Rough Ride is fun followed by sizzling hot lovemaking in a day in the life of Bram and James. Itís a nice peek into their lives.


One Good Favor by J.L. Langley and Dick D.

Evan Marshall and Mark Hammond are good friends and rodeo buddies. When Evanís beloved horse is put down Evan and Mark head to the Two Spirits Ranch to find a new horse. Soon Evan has the horse he wants and the man he wants too. Evanís noticed him several times and it looks like heís noticing Evan now too. His mystery man keeps disappearing. Heís as wily as his new horse.

One Good Favor is fun, hot, romantic, and has some intensity too. Evan experiences a lot of things in One Good Favor. Some good some bad but in the end itís all good for him!


In The Ties That Bind anthology I was able to revisit two characters I love and was introduced to some great new ones. Each story has dominant men, hot sex and great plotlines.  The Ties That Bind is an excellent anthology.


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