The Spirit of Giving by Cat Kane


M/M, Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59426-793-2

Reviewed by Raine



Riley finds himself conned into doing some Christmas shopping for a relative and when he parks his cart by a salon to run inside for just a second, he returns to find his cart and packages gone. The thief, curious to what a “normal” Christmas is like watches and follows. Jase, after walking away with the cart, feeling badly after seeing the dismay in the man’s face over the missing packages.

Cat Kane writes a beautiful Christmas story of giving and understanding. Riley is a gracious and caring person. Jase on the other hand has had a rough past and is unsure of other people. He’s more than a little curious how others celebrate and spend the holidays. When the guys meet it’s lust at first sight from both parties. Cat doesn’t disappoint her readers in The Spirit of Giving and delivers a really hot interlude between them. So if you’re looking for something to heat your winter, this Frost HeatSheet is sure to do it.


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