The Spanish Conquest by Kate Hofman

Awe-Struck E-Books

Sensual Contemporary Romance

ISBN 978-1-58749-651-6

Reviewed by Nannette



Cordelia Dunleigh is Luis Montoya de Cabreraís interior designer. She has just as much talent with his infant daughter Luz, so Luis asks her to be the babyís temporary nanny.  As time goes by Luis cannot find a suitable replacement and so Cordelia continues to care for the baby.  Luis wants their relationship to become permanent and Cordelia does as well, but there are some who donít. Between them and a devastating loss they must face, Cordelia and Luis have a rough road ahead of them.

The Spanish Conquest very closely resembles a soap opera. Luis and Cordelia are surrounded by vindictive women, and there is a little sex, a little turmoil and a lot of strong emotion flying around as well. Luis is a knight in shining armor though. He is very good to Cordelia, as she is to him. The Spanish Conquest is entertaining, but a little over the top.


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