The Photograph by Regan Taylor

Treasures Antique Store, Book 1

Aphrodite’s Apples


Reviewed by Scarlet


Carrie is a romantic at heart, getting caught up in the romances she reads.  She often dreams of a fantasy lover, one who surely does not exist.  He is too perfect, too charming, too caring; those do not describe any of the men she has met.  Treasures Antique Store and its proprietor are about to blow Carrie’s preconceived notions to bits.

After wishing on a falling star in 1850, Black Eagle is thrust into a mysterious time and place to find the one woman who is his destined love.  Who could have predicted having his picture taken would have such lasting consequences?

What if your true love was in a photograph?  What if that photograph held a part of him or her, just waiting for the right person to come along?  Author, Regan Taylor tells a poignant tale of two lonely people who are destined to be together in The Photograph. 

The Photograph captures the essence of two passionate lovers who are fated to be together despite time or place.  A story full of emotional highs and lows, Regan Taylor pens a character driven romance that will long live in reader’s memories.  Black Eagle is an alpha hero many women would love to call their own; he wishes on a falling star in 1850 for a wife and suddenly wakes up beside his dream woman in 2007.  His fierce protection of Carrie and his genuine goodness make for intensely romantic episodes.  Carrie’s fears of losing Black Eagle to his time and her internal struggle to deny the feelings she has for him are realistically presented and her genuine fear of her ex-boyfriend is credible.  The sensual love scenes emphasize the genuine love and affection between Black Eagle and Carrie and readers will find themselves cheering them on to a “happily ever after”.  Their passionate response to each other leaves no doubt they are fated to be together forever.  Carrie’s cat has an integral part in the storyline and brings a bit of humor and whimsy to The Photograph; his very vocal dialogue is charming and adds that extra something to make this a special love story.  The secondary cast which includes Carrie’s roommate and her boyfriend as loyal supporters of the couple and makes them feel like friends to the reader as well.  A strong element of danger throughout adds additional drama and kept this reader on the edge of her seat.  Follow along as two very lonely people find eternal love and trust across the boundaries of time; you will not be disappointed.


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