The Long Way Home by Jena' Galifany

ShadowsForge, Book 4

Whisky Creek Press

Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-59374-917-0 E-book

ISBN: 978-1-59374-916-3 Print

Reviewed by Jo



Brian Cummings is an internationally famous drummer in the band ShadowsForge.  But not so long ago, he was just another drummer trying to work his way up the ranks of pub bands.  Brian always knew he would make it and be famous one day, however, it took losing everything he cared for and loved to give him the determination to make it.  Brian keeps most of his life and experiences prior to joining the band to himself for a very good reason.  Now Brian has a second chance at happiness and a family if he can control his emotions.  Diane Starling is working for the band as their wardrobe person and trying to get her life back on track after losing her husband.  She fell in love with Brian and now is carrying his child, but she knows that Brian is hiding something from her.  Diane decides to ask Valerie, a journalist, to see if she can find out anything about Brian's nightmares.  When Valerie tells Diane what she finds out, will it tear her and Brian apart forever? And what about the baby?

The Long Way Home is the fourth book in the series following the British rock band on its latest tour.  This time we get to see farther into the relationship of Brian and Diane.  Both of them have suffered huge losses in their lives and when they begin to fall in love, the road is bumpy to say the least.  When Diane becomes pregnant, Brian wants to be with her and help raise the child, yet there is a distance in their relationship that could become a wall.  I have wondered if Brian and Diane would get their story written and I was happy to hear it had come out.  I found The Long Way Home to be very bittersweet and a bit sad.  While Brian and Diane didnít quite have a happy ending at the end, they were well on their way and might just get it if they continue to work for it.  I do have to say that I found the beginning of the book, which describes Brianís life before ShadowsForge, almost too long in the description.  While it did detail the past, I felt it dragged on some and it actually focused the story on the past instead of the present like I was expecting.  With this being said, I still will say that if you have read any or all of the previous books, then you will want to get The Long Way Home because it answers a lot of the questions I had after reading the previous three books.


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