Knight Shade: The Knight of Swords by Kiernan Kelly

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Torquere Press

Gay Contemporary / Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-60370-214-0, 1-60370-214-8

Reviewed by Cassie



After a selfish life and an attempt at suicide, Justus is forced to become the Knight Shade.  Although he still lives, he must guide souls to the Gates when they call.  His talisman is a Knight of Swords tarot card, which becomes an actual sword when he walks in different planes.

One night, Justus is summoned to guide the soul of a young girl, Sally, to the gates.  They become separated, and he knows he must save her.  Only her brother Billy has a strong enough tie to her to help Justus find her.  Can they save Sally before itís too late?

Knight Shade is another example of why I love Kiernan Kellyís work.  Justus is an incredibly flawed hero due to his bitterness and his badly lived former life, but he is sympathetic and I truly wanted to see him achieve some happiness at last.  Billyís guilt over the death of his sister is believable and heart-wrenching.  The terrible realms they must pass through in order to save Sally lent suspense to the tale.  The world-building was excellent, especially for the length.  I really enjoyed the unusual ideas of this story.  If youíre looking for a very different tale with a tortured hero, action and suspense, and a sweetly satisfying ending, pick up Knight Shade!


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