The Greatest Gift by Lia Sebastian

Cobblestone Press

Erotic Historical

ISBN: 978-1-60088-203-6

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Sarah and Andrew are deeply in love.  Married for years, they are each otherís friend, confidant, and lover. Their lovemaking is new and fresh every time they come together.  One thing stands in the way of their happiness, or rather, Sarahís happiness, and it is her inability to conceive a child.  In her mind, she knows that Andrew loves her but her heart fears that his love will soon wither and die without her being able to give him a child.  Drawing into herself and becoming more despondent each month she doesnít conceive, Sarah goes through the motions of their expected annual Christmas party.  It then become apparent to Andrew that the loving woman he married is now just a shell of a woman.  But he loves her and assures her of that love.  Hopefully it will be enough.  Christmas time is the time for surprises, right?

The Greatest Gift broke my heart.  Set in a time where women were valued only by how many children they were able to safely deliver, I ached for Sarah as her hopes and dreams seemed to shatter around her.  To her, she was worth nothing but to Andrew, she was his entire world.  I applaud his character for standing with her and assuring her of this fact.

I enjoyed The Greatest Gift very much.  The emotional intensity was outstanding and I found myself a bit weepy eyed more than once.  Lia Sebastian is making her way to my auto-buy list and it is for books such as this!


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