The Beginning by Lina Dillard

The First Time: Humecupeds

Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Science Fiction Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60313-012-7

Reviewed by Lisa



JaNiece Markham leaves home, her mom and unpleasant stepfather for a new job thatís almost too good to be true and turns out to be just that.  A nightmare of epic proportions ensues for JaNiece and the only thing keeping her sane is her belief in herself.   She will survive somehow, some way.

As partners of the International Security Corporation Jonas Blake, his younger brother, and best friend James Avery are investigating the illegal activities of one Arnold Freemont.  They donít realize how close to home and how important their covert operation will affect them all in the near future.

Evil itself could take lessons from Arnold Freemont as he attempts to engineer superior humans with him as their Ďgodí.  He promotes hideous experiments on prison inmates and kidnaps women beginning with JaNiece.  The actions these people take will have a profound affect on the future of humanity.  The question is- will this be a step forward for evolution or a Frankenstein experiment where all involved must die?

1/3 science fiction, 1/3 horror and 1/3 budding romance rolled up into the roller coast ride called The First Time: Humecupeds, The Beginning.  Each of these named genres have an impact on this story and I found the sci-fi and horror parts equally exciting, creepy and unique.  I did think the romance between JaNiece and Jonas seemed contrived and questionable in the beginning because there just wasnít any chemistry at first but it did pick up steam and was believable by stories end.  The First Time: Humecupeds, The Beginning is fascinating but definitely not your average love story.


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