The Editor by D. J. Manly


LGBT Contemporary

Reviewed by Ley


Martin, a junior editor of erotic fiction, seems to lose objectivity when it is comes to a certain author's sex scenes.  This has not gone unnoticed by his boss Clare, and neither has the fact that the sex scenes are all male/male.  With her curiosity and her interest peaked, Clare enlist the author's help to find out what's really going on with Martin.

When Clare questions his interest in male/male sex scenes, Martin admits that there is something about this author's work that turns him on even though he is heterosexual.   When Clare tells him the author is coming for a visit, Martin's excitement can barely be contained.

The Editor was not what I expected, there's a twist to the story that I felt was very smartly done. Being that this is a D.J. Manly book, I did expect hot erotic sex scenes and was not disappointed.  The Editor is a very quick read which is good because you will want to read it more than once. I certainly did.


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