The Dark Room by Kate Hill

Heartís Blood, Book 1

Changeling Press

Paranormal, Action/Adventure

ISBN: 978-1-59596-715-2

Reviewed by Indy



As a stunt woman who just hit the big 30, Dedra finds herself having a mini meltdown. Sure sheís still physically at the top of her game but mentally she just canít get past the fact that sheís left her 20ís behind for good. Thankfully sheís close friends with a cross dressing vampire who has just what the doctor ordered: a private photography session with the renowned photographer Marcellus Oakes. The session that was supposed to remain professional soon turns into a one night stand that doesnít seem to end. It doesnít matter that heís an old as dirt vampire who hasnít had a permanent relationship in years, heís still able to send her body into overdrive. As Dedra and Marcellus continue to spend time with each other they both find that there are more reasons for them to remain together than for them to ever part. Too bad Marcellus comes with a lot of dangerous baggage that might leave Dedra six feet under if heís unable to protect her.

In a story that is filled to the rim with action, passionate encounters and vampires on a quest for blood, readers couldnít have asked for anything more. The Dark Room had me laughing one moment and jumping in my seat the next as Dedra, Marcellus and the crossing dressing best friend went from having hilarious conversations to kicking vampire butt with ease. Kate Hill has created a story that despite some heavy moments is light, wildly entertaining and one Iím sure readers will enjoy.


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