The Commanderís Slave by K.S. Augustin

New Concepts Publishing

ISBN: 1-58608-

Reviewed by Emma


Tangus, Commander of the Second Fleet, leads the remainder of his people in the fight of their lives. All his thoughts, his plans, everything he does has but one goal, survival of the Seti race. So why is he now so obsessed with the slave he had to have the moment he saw her? Why is he tossing his personal honor away? She is after all just the first breeder needed for his people to survive.

She has no memory of her name, where she comes from, anything prior to the crash that left her on the planet Helson V. Given the name Asha by Tangus after he purchases her from the slave market, she can only do as she is ordered. But she is not under orders to love Tangus so what is this feeling inside her?

The Commanderís Slave is the story of two people finding each other during unexpected circumstances. The sex scenes were hot and characters were realistically drawn. The Commanderís Slave ended with some twists. K.S. Augustin writes with a style that kept this reader drawn in from beginning to end.


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