The Cometís Tail by Sharon Maria Bidwell

The Swithin Chronicles, Book 2

Loose Id

LGBT Sci-Fi/Fantasy (M/M; M/M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-59632-559-3

Reviewed by Sabella



Sometimes just when you think things are perfect, you notice that perfect isnít all itís cracked up to beÖ

Markis has Ryanac, his best-friend, at his side and they have finally become lovers once again.  Markis also has Uly who loves him unconditionally for himself and not what he is.  He also has Tressa, whom he married to bring peace to the land and found to be charming and attractive.  So how come now that Markis has all the bed partners that he could wish for or need and is finally establishing consistent control over the comet does he find himself dissatisfied with his life?

Ryanac and Uly both have finally established a relationship with Markis that provides them both with all the love that they need and brings as an added bonus other partners into their play.  So if they have the man they love loving them back and building a life with them Ė why arenít they happy?

Tressa married Markis to establish peace in the land, but also because he offered her freedom from the backward customs of her people Ė it also didnít hurt that Markis is very handsome and comes as a package with two other very handsome men.  So why is Tressa having such a hard time shedding all the ignorant habits of her people when that was exactly what she was looking to do in the first place?

The Swithin Chronicles 2: The Cometís Tail brings us back into the lives of Markis, Ryanac, Uly and Tressa and how they are coping with changes they need to make to their lives in order to work well together as a four-some.  As before Uly, Markis and Ryanac are the central characters but this time the action revolves around the deepening emotional bonds between all three men and how these same bonds change the how they relate to one another and others.  Tressa, just like in the previous book, is very much a secondary character even though she does play an important role in the menís lives at times.  All in all, The Cometís Tail is fun and sexy romp that delves into the minds of Markis and Ryanac and to a lesser degree into Ulyís.  While this book is entertaining and interesting the ending leaves several loose ends unresolved and anything outside of the romance unresolved.  Still, The Swithin Chronicles 2: The Cometís Tail is a wonderful fantasy tale that will leave you feeling hot under the collar and looking for the next book about these men!


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