Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off by Cara North

Tease Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-934678-08-4

Reviewed by Amelia



Bethany Dodson is a little rich girl; but she doesn't want to be. Because her father has forced her into an engagement to further his business interests she goes to Las Vegas with her girlfriends in an attempt to find a man she can marry quickly, get a name change and start a new life.

Jack Johnson is in Las Vegas in an attempt to meet and marry a woman, but from different reasons than Bethany. Jack has to marry to gain his inheritance. Jack and his brothers have a ranch in Montana. Their inheritance will help turn the ranch into a dude ranch, something Jack has always wanted. When he meets Bethany in a bar he's intrigued. And the next thing he knows they're married.

Bethany goes with Jack to Montana, where she helps him obtain his inheritance in a much different way than he anticipated. Then Jack helps Bethany deal with her problems in his own way. But can these two people from totally different lifestyles keep their marriage for convenience only, or will they form feelings for each other?

Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off is a fun, entertaining read. Bethany and Jack's journey toward love was a hot, tantalizing ride. Jack's reaction to the fact that Bethany is a virgin is sweet and made my heart go soft. Bethany is surprisingly grounded for someone who grew up as a spoiled little rich girl. Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off takes readers on a stimulating ride.



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