Temptress by Tuesday Morrigan

The Firm

Changeling Press

Interracial, Shapeshifters

ISBN: 978-1-59596-687-2

Reviewed by Tanya



Brooklyn is running for her life.  She is a lioness shapeshifter but that won’t stop “the Asshole” she is trying to escape.  She is out of money and decides to make a stop at “Uncle Lancaster’s” as she knows he will put her up for the night.  Lancaster, as patriarch of the Lionheart family, knows Brooklyn is in trouble and wants to help her.  But he knows she won’t accept charity.  So he decides to hire her math skills and assigns her to work with his son Khalid on an embezzlement case.  Brooklyn has had the hots for Khalid for years but knows she will never act on it; she won’t bring danger to the Lionheart family.

Brooklyn and Khalid butt heads at every opportunity.  But is it just their way of trying to mask their attraction?  When Brooklyn suddenly goes into heat, something that happens every five years, all bets are off.  After a one time together, both are sure they will never find a better partner in bed.  But Brooklyn, sticking to her conscience, flees after “the Asshole” catches up and ends up fighting Khalid.   Khalid knows he will do whatever it takes to find Brooklyn and make her his mate, no matter who he will have to face or how far he will travel.  When he finds her, will she be willing to mate with him for life?

Temptress is a fast-paced foray into the Lionheart firm and the lives of the lion shapeshifters there, especially Khalid and the close family friend Brooklyn.  I found the overall plot line intriguing, but with the way the story jumped around, I found myself lost and having to reread passages to see if I had missed parts of the plotline, very distracting.  This was a huge disappointment to me as the premise of the story was very well thought out, but I feel like I missed parts of the story.  That being said, I will still look for another chapter in this series to see if it was only this one story as I was very intrigued by the characters and their world.  Ms. Morgan can also write one, or two, or three hot and steamy love scenes.  I found Temptress to be a frustrating but interesting read.


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